That’s How a Geek Does Christmas

The Primordial Penguins share how geeks do Christmas in “That’s how a geek does Christmas.”

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How a Geek Does Christmas

There’s a Christmas carol singalong
If you know the words in Klingon
The’s no egg nog but we bringalong
The best Romulan Ale.

After that, its fun and merriment
With a chemistry experiment
Turning gingerbread to peppermint
Unless of course we fail.

It might sound strange to someone who
Is not a geek like you know who,
Don’t be confused by what i do
‘Cause that’s how a geek does Christmas

You’ll never see a Santa
Or a reindeer on my lawn,
You’ll see a snowman Shatner
Who is screaming after Khan.

All the shopping malls are packed tight
With the shoppers who all love to fight
Like contestants on the price is right,
But it seems like such a qualm.

This time of year I’d rather be
In PJ’s with a cup of tea
And my laptop screen in front of me
Shopping Amazon dot com.

Santa flies right past my home,
He knows to leave my house alone.
Amazon sends me a fleet a drones,
‘Cause that’s how a geek does Christmas.

Im not that hard to shop for,
If you’re stuck, then here’s a clue:
A stocking full of batteries,
Any size and shape will do.

There’s a biting chill that’s in the air,
But I’m keeping warm, so I don’t care
Even though folks like to stop and stare
At my furry Ewok hat.

As I’m sitting by the fireside,
Watching episodes of Firefly
And when I am so inspired, I
Photoshop a grumpy cat.

Although we may have different ways
To celebrate the holidays
Peace on earth is how it stays
‘Cause that’s how a geek does Christmas

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