Mr. DAPs & Johnny 5 - Primordial PenguinsWe are the Primordial Penguins.  We started as a couple of friends that thought it could be fun to put together a band and play music we thought would be fun… err funny. We started with a parody of a parody by the band Protozoa Pirates and then moved on to creating our own music. We do attempt to be funny. Mr. DAPs writes the music and Johnny 5 writes the lyrics. We have also been joined bye Jamey D who has an incredible voice and helps with lyrics as well and Murray who is a great instrumentalist! Together we have a blast making music that they hope to one day perform live.

A look at the Band: 

Mr. DAPs - Primordial PenguinsMr. DAPs 

Mr. DAPs is the main composer, arranger and instrumentalist for the Primordial Penguins. He generally writes the music for new songs and then arranges and records whatever instrumentation is needed. Occasionally he has been known to write some lyrics here and there.

To date he has played the keyboards, mandolin, guitar, saxophone, and lefty bass on various songs the Primordial Penguins have performed. He still has a few trips up his sleeve though! He also has sung vocals on select tunes as well.



Johnny 5 - Primordial Penguins

Johnny 5 

Johnny 5 is the primary lyricist of the Primordial Penguins. He combines heart and wit to the lyrics to create some amazing stories, moments, and incredibly funny songs. He also has been known to be the lead singer on many of our songs. Couple this with his talent for playing stringed instruments and you have a wonderful entertainer. He has played Banjo and Mandolin on various Primordial Penguins songs.




Jamey D - Primordial PenguinsJamey D

Jamey D is the newest member of the Primordial Penguins. With her beautiful voice, she brings a new sound to the group. Her first song was Christmas Time, a lovely and more serious song about Christmas. She is an excellent musician and we are so excited to have her in the waddle!

Check out some of our songs on the video page and check back often and we’ll hopefully have more up for you to enjoy!




We will be updating this page as we have more updates about the Primordial Penguins and their upcoming projects. We hope you enjoy our music!

Make it a GREAT day!

Primordial Penguins

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